During the last few days we have made some changes to the way how "reserved time" works. Before, when you booked time in the calendar on the MONET/North page, you were only able to use that time for remote observations. Now we have added two more options, as you can see in the following screenshot:

The first one, "Automatically abort other running tasks", aborts any running task at the beginning of your reserved time. This will give you an idle telescope at the start of your observations, so you can start right away. Note: Please use this option with care, since running tasks will be aborted, even if you do not log in to the remote mode!

Although useful in remote mode, this option is quite necessary in combination with the second new option, "Allow robotic tasks to run". When you check this box, the reserved time becomes an exclusive pick window for your tasks, i.e. no other tasks will be picked during this time! Please be aware that, as with all the scheduling options for tasks, this only really affects the picking of a task. So, if another task started before your reserved time and runs all the way through it, your tasks will never be picked. Therefore you should abort it automatically (see first option again) in order to make use of your complete reserved time.