Finally we are re-introducing searching in the data taken by MONET and allowing to download exactly those files that you need! :-)

Therefore the "Data" page is back, which looks like this:

In the upper part of the form you can select a telescope (for now only MONET/N gives results) and the instruments (only the SBIG data is currently searchable). Furthermore you can limit the results to a single proposal, a single task, a single observation (of a task) - all using the internal IDs that you see everywhere - or a single user. You can also specify a start and end date.

The next big decision is what kind of data you would like to see: light (science frames), bias, dark or flat. Depending on your choice, the lower part of the form looks rather different. Here is an example for bias:

The final choice is the type of results you want to query, here called "Mode". For light frames you have the choice between:

The list of results appears after clicking on "Search now" and looks different depending on the selected image type and mode. Here is an example for light raw files:

On the upper right corner of the results list you can select the number of items per page and left of it (and below the results) you can select the page that you want to see. There is a checkbox next to each images: you can select a bunch of files and download them all together using the download button at the bottom right. The results for reduced files will look quite similar. For calibration frames some information (like RA/Dec) will be discarded.

When searching for observations, the results look a little different (here for flats):

Here you don't have checkboxes, but you can still download all images from a single observation.