Today we have an update with lots and lots of new buttons (and some other changes to the interface)! :-)

Let's start with the new section "Finished observations" on the Status page. As you can see, there now is a download button for every observation, saving you at least one click to get your data:

Of course, this change has also been done for the "Finished observations" of a single task.

When you go to the info page of a single observation (i.e. by clicking on an ID in the list shown above), there are now 2 (in words: two!) new buttons. One, again, let's you download a single image directly, while the other pops up a new window with information about that single frame.

The preview contains both a preview image:

And a full list of FITS header keywords:

And one last thing: since the colours indicating the status of tasks in the project overview were not such a good idea, we re-added a column with the status - and now you can even sort by status!