With an increasing number of projects and tasks it got more and more difficult to display them in an efficient way. In a new attempt to do so, we've changed the layout almost completely. When you go to the "Projects" page, you now see a simple list of projects like this:

With the three buttons on the right ("PI", "+CoI", "+All"), you can specify which projects you want to see, i.e. only those were you're PI, or in addition those where you're just CoI or even all projects. Within the text box "Filter" you can just start writing and the list of projects gets filtered by whatever you entered. The table with the projects itself can now be sorted by clicking on the column headers. Furthermore the rows are color coded, indicating what role you play in the project.

When you click on one of the project codes (e.g. "IAG_2014_0001"), you'll be redirected to the project page. The top of the page will look somewhat familiar:

If you're the PI or an admin, you can change the title and the abstract on-the-fly. In that case a small button will appear for saving the changes. If you want to change the list of CoIs, just click on the green "edit" button in the CoIs box. Still only admins can change the project priority, which is shown in the upper right corner.

Below that you now see two separate boxes with the tasks for the two MONET telescopes, e.g. here for MONET/North:

Again the table is sortable by clicking on the column headers and the rows are color coded according to the status of the task. As you can see, the priority now is a drop-down list, which can be edited by PIs and admins, so you can now easily change priorities of multiple tasks on the fly.

We hope that these changes will clean up the interface a little. In case you have any questions or find new bugs, just let us know.