We've just updated the constraints system, which now allows much more flexibility, e.g. you can now set min and max values for each constraint. Here is how it looks now:

For a new task you will be presented with a default set of three constraints. You can add new ones by selecting them in the dropdown list at the bottom and clicking "Add". Constraints can be removed by clicking on the red X button next to each text field.

Please be aware that we are now enforcing some constraints, i.e.:

  1. Min elevation of target: 10
  2. Max elevation of sun: -10
  3. Min on-sky distance to moon: 5

So when you edit an existing task, what can happen is that your task is not valid, although you haven't changed anything. This is because the formerly default values are outside the new limits. You can fix this easily by clicking on the button that pops up, whenever one of the enforced constraints are not met: