Today we made some major changes in the behaviour of the CCD windows. If you ever looked at the XML for your tasks on the status page, you saw something like this:

This is the width of the CCD window in the XML file that is fed onto the robotic system. Before, this size was measured in binned coordinates and we now changed the system to accept only unbinned coordinates. This was done, because it makes calculations, e.g. for the acquisition, easier with window coordinates always given in unbinned coordinates.

What's changing for you now? Nothing! The web portal still accepts window sizes in binned coordinates, so you have to change exactly nothing. :-)

Nevertheless, we made life easier for you and created a new form for setting the CCD window:

So we give you a visual interpretation of the values that you provide: the gray box represents the full frame, while the blue one is your selection. In time we will replace the gray box with an actual image of the sky at the coordinates that you enter on the target page. This will make it a lot easier to create a window on a specific location of the image.