Technical details (sites, telescopes, filters, cameras, ...)

How MONET works

How to get access to MONET

How to use the MONET Exposure Time Calculator



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Creating and Managing your Observations

How to create a new PROJECT

How to modify a PROJECT

How to add a TASK to a PROJECT

How to enter TARGET information for a TASK

How to enter SETUP information for a TASK

How to enter CCD information for a TASK

How to enter status information for a TASK

How to activate/deactivate a TASK 

How to check the status of your Project

How to access your image data

Using recyclable TASKs


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The Art of Robotic Scheduling

Simple scheduling

(Series of observations separated in time)

(Series of observations separated in phase)

Timed Block scheduling

Phased scheduling

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Educational Resources

Astronomie & Internet Curriculum (English)

Global Hands-On Universe(TM)

Las Cumbres Observatory Education/Outreach


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Internal technical information is available on the Wiki