Once a TASK has been attached to a PROJECT (see the help page "Adding a TASK to a PROJECT"), it must be activated before any attempt to perform the requested TASK will be made.   "Activation" means that the complete TASK request is sent from the MONET/Central database to the robotic telescope scheduler database in Texas or South Africa.


First, display the PROJECT containing the TASK you want to activate: select the "Project" menu:


Then, scroll down until you see the PROJECT.  Your list of TASKs should be shown: select the TASK to be activated:

then press the "Activate" button:

When you see that the "Status" has changed from "not active" (in red) to "active" (in green), you know that the TASK has been transferred successfully and is now in the queue waiting to be performed. 


Correspondingly, one can deactivate an active TASK using the same process: this removes the TASK from the telescope queue, permitting you, for example, to modify the exposure time, filter, etc.