You can add as many TASKs to a PROJECT as you need.

  1. If you are logged into MONET/Central, press the "Projects" tab in the main menu:
  2. Scroll down to the PROJECT you would like to add a TASK to.
  3. Press the "Add new task" button for that PROJECT:
  4. At the top of the new page, you will see the "Create new task" panel with the generic fields showing the unique ID used by the database,  the PROJECT's title and PI:
  5. At the bottom of this coloured panel are 4 entry fields for the new TASK: a TARGET title, an image type (ignore!), a local priority (determines the hierarchy of the TASKs within a PROJECT); and a switch to determine which telescope the TASK should be sent to, either MONET/North (makes the panel orange!) or MONET/South (blue):

In order to finish the description of your TASK, there are four different types of information needed by the database: TARGET info (mostly position on the sky); SETUP info (filters, exposure times, repeats); CCD info (binning and windowing); and - the trickiest - SCHEDULING.  If any of the 4 tabs has a small warning symbol on it, it means that the information about that topic is not yet complete.

To continue, access the special pages for each of these tabs: