The basic unit of organisation is the PROJECT.  Individual observations are assigned to projects.

To create a new PROJECT, log into the MONET/Central portal and then

  1. Select the "Projects" page from the main menu: 
  2. Press the "Add new project" button:
  3. Give your project a TITLE and ABSTRACT and then press the "Create Project" button:
  4. A special dialogue window will appear saying that you have successfully created a PROJECT and giving you the unique identification number, consisting of affiliation (e.g. "School"), year, and a running number:
  5. Click on the "Go to new project" button.
  6. You will land in the Project edit page where you can configure your PROJECT.
  7. Add any collaborators in the PROJECT - they are your Co-INVESTIGATORs whereas you are the PRINCIPLE INVESTIGATOR ("PI"); the role of PI can be changed later to one of your Co-I's.
  8. Decide how you would like to be notified about the status of your PROJECT, e.g. if you want to be notified when your first observation is made or whether you would like to know when your PROJECT - in it's current state! - is finished.
  9. Another special dialogue window will appear: press the "Go back to the list of proposals" button.
  10. Your PROJECT is now created and ready for you to add TASKs to it!


At this point, you will want to try >> Adding a TASK to a Project << and then >> Activating/Deactivating a TASK <<