Once your PROJECT has been created and defined and TASKs have been added and activated, the robotic scheduler will attempt to perform your requested observations and you can sit back and wait until they have been started or finished.  How long you have to wait until your project is selected depends upon many things:

  • if the weather is bad, or
  • if the scheduling constraints are difficult to meet (e.g. only very dark skies, very good seeing, and only Tuesday next week), or
  • if there are simply lots of TASKs with higher priority during the time you want observations,

you may have to wait a while.  On the other hand, if your observations are short, straightforward, and easy to schedule, you can expect to get some data within the next few available nights.  


During the creating of your PROJECT, you determined how you would like to be notified about successful observations (e.g. if you want to be notified when your project is startedand/or finished).  You can change this behaviour any time you would like by modifying your PROJECT.


In order to see what OBSERVATIONs have been made by a particular TASK, select the TASK in the TASK list, e.g.

 and you will then see a "Show/Edit Task" page for the selected TASK.  If you select the "Status" tab of the TASK

you will see a "Finished observations" panel.


Once a TASK has been completed, it will be so noted in the PROJECT's TASK list: