Eventually, we will offer a central interface to access all of the data in the MONET database.  Until then, you will have to access the data - either your own data or calibration data (bias, dark-current, flat-field) taken automatically for everyone - using a simple but less obvious path.

 To access your own data

  • go to the project of interest (using the "Projects" menu);
  • select the task of interest in the list of tasks, for example "WIYN #1" is this project;
  • you will then see a "Show/Edit Task" page for the selected task;
  • select the "Status" tab;
  • this will show a "Finished observations" panel;
  • select the ID from the observation you want from the list of observations;
  • you will obtain a new "Finished observation" page showing all kinds of information about your observation, e.g. the starting time, the duration, the status, the telescope used, a "thumbnail" image, and even the weather during the night the data was taken;
  • press the "SHOW/HIDE" button to see a list of images associated with your observation;
  • press the "DOWNLOAD" button to immediately download a ZIP file containing these observations.

To access calibration data

  • go to the MONET status page (using the "Status" menu);
  • scroll down to the "Finished Observations" pane, showing the observations made during the current/last night;
  • click on the field showing the current date; a calendar will pop up;
  • select the date on which the calibration data you are looking for was taken;
  • the rest of the process is just like that above.