MONET is a network of two robotic 1.2m telescopes in Texas and South Africa operated by the University of Göttingen, the McDonald Observatory of the Univ. of Texas at Austin, and the South African Astronomical Observatory.   The system is designed to provide astronomical images to its users with a maximum of scientific or educational use and a minimum of user effort.

The overall operation is controlled by "MONET/Central" in Göttingen, consisting of a central archive and a user portal which administers the use of the telescopes and passes information from the users to the local systems operating the telescopes and instruments.  At each telescope, the STELLA robotic software (courtesy of the Leibnitz Institut für Astrophysik) takes the user requests and attempts to obtain data for all requests.


The STELLA robotic observatory system and database portal used by MONET is organised around the most important parts of a robotic observatory.

This means that you must organise your use of MONET within this model:


See the >> Help topics page << for more detailed information about how all of this is done.