Access to MONET is principally available to 4 different groups of people:

The institutional access of the partner institutions (Göttingen, UT, and SAAO) is regulated internally: see the contacts in Impressum & Credits.  The school access is regulated by Göttingen but handled by one of our many school partner institutions.


There are three different types of users:

The "restricted" (i.e. non-observer) status is normally only used for colleagues needing access to the data, e.g. students assigned to the projects of their teachers.



If you are eligible, you can get an account by

  1. Registering yourself using the "MONET/Central" portal: the registration link "Create account" can be found at the upper right corner 
  2. Fill in all of the required information, e.g. your institutional affiliation 
  3. Make sure you give your full name - otherwise your application will be rejected.
  4. If you are a "school" user (a teacher or a school partner), make sure you fill in ALL of the requested information, including your school's web address and a brief description of why you would like access to MONET.It would also help if you sent a personal email to us giving even more information and your motivation for registering.
  5. You will receive a confirmation email: please reply to insure that you are a real person.
  6. After a short period, an admin will check the database for new users and confirm or reject your registration.  Depending upon your status, you may or may not be assigned to the "observer" group.
  7. All of your registration information is used only by our portal for user administration purposes and is NOT passed to any 3rd party, of course!