Small changes in task handling

21 Feb 2019 - Tim-Oliver Husser

You are all used to first creating a new task, and then “activating” it. What this last thing always did, was actually sending the task to the telescope and waiting for a reply. Especially when activating/deactivating multiple tasks this took quite a long time.

From now on, we only store your “request” to change the activation status locally, and then do the actual change silently in the background. This of course means that we cannot show you errors directly, but they will pop up after a short period of time, either as status “error” in the task list on the project page, or on the task page itself like this:


And since we want to make (de)activating tasks as easy as possible for you, the buttons for doing so have also changed their position:

New task GUI

Note that you can now also edit a task while it is still active!

The “Status” page that showed the activate button before, has now becomes the “Observations” page that only shows previous observations.