MORISOT kick-off meeting in Potsdam

05 Dec 2016 - Frederic Hessman

Last week, the participants in the MORISOT (the MOnet Robotic Instrument for the Spectroscopy Of Transients) project met in Potsdam to discuss the final design of this exciting new instrument.

MORISOT will be a fibre-fed low-resolution (R=1000) spectrograph mounted on the MONET/South telescope that will operate independently of the imaging camera.  The science camera will act as an autoguider for the spectrograph, permitting us to obtain low-resolution spectra of quite faint objects.

The consortium brings together several new MONET partners:

The ability of obtain spectra robotically opens up both new scientific uses for the MONET/South telescope as well as new possibilities for the educational use.  The project icon shows an image of the impressionist artist Berthe Morisot painted by Edouard Manet with examples of low-resolution stellar spectra superimposed.