The roof on MONET/North has finally been fixed. Many thanks to the McD PP team for their fine work! After a week or so of testing, we will release the telescope for observations again.


MONET/North will be shut down for most of the month of June for a major overhaul of the roof.

2009-SEP-05 to 13

Our Astronomie & Internet stand at the Ideen Messe in Hannover was a great success: live-observations during the mornings when the late-monsoon Texas weather cooperated, lots of astronomical imaging activities, and an live experiment (lightcurve of the eclipsing double star HT Cas).


The first scientific paper resulting from observations performed by and/or analyzed with the help of high school students using the MONET/North telescope has been accepted for publishing by the professional astronomical journal "Astronomy and Astrophysics": A. Paik (Felix-Klein-Gymnasium Göttingen), A. Ploch and J. Zachmann (Max-Planck-Gymnasium Göttingen) and their teacher J. Diese (MPG) worked with astronomers at the Institut für Astrophysik to produce the Research Note "A long-term optical and X-ray ephemeris of the polar EK UMa" by K. Beuermann et al. A second paper is in the works.

2009-JUL-19 to 22

The MONET teacher's workshop at McDonald Observatory brought together 20 teachers from Arkansas, Florida, New York, Minnesota, and - of course - Texas who learned how to operate the MONET telescopes. For more details, check out this link.


MONET/North can be normally used via the old connections now, but the hardware problems haven't yet been fully corrected. During the last few days, this hasn't been a problem, so we can hope that you won't experience any problems on the short term.

The updated version of the portal software (on a different computer and much better!) has not yet been sufficiently tested, but should be available early next week. It may be necessary to interrupt normal operations for these tests. Until then, operations can resume - but with no garantees on the reliability of the old hard- and software.

The new software version is not the final one, but should correct many of the bothersome problems of the old one.

Your present accounts should work on the new wiki, so please make at least a minimal observing log entry at least after you have observed.


Software Upgrade: MONET/North operations will only be allowed during the next few days by observers with admins looking over their shoulders. As soon as the testing is over, a release email will be issued. Until then, no normal operations by normal observers are permitted. Please be patience: it's worth it!


The MONET homepage has been transfered to this Wiki in preparation for the final portal software package: when installed, the final user/admin software will be separated into the main portal (for normal users) and a technical content-management system (this Wiki).
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